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Medeco Locks Come Under Scrutiny

Recent Stories Show that Some High-End Locks Can Be Picked or Bumped
The economy is in tatters and unemployment is skyrocketing. Now more than ever people should be worried about burglars stealing their worldly possessions.

A recent report by Garner News showed that burglaries were the top crimes in June 2009. They recommended that people haveDead-bolt Locks deadbolt locks that have at least a one-and-a-half-inch throw.

If you do not have as much trust for banks as you used to, you may be storing more cash and valuables at home. This makes you an even bigger target for thieves.

getting a professional locksmith can be helpful to get the job done.


Maybe you have an alarm system and deadbolt locks but often criminals only need a few seconds to break into your home. That front-door lock is easier to pick or “bump” than you think.


Recently published an article that showed that all a crook has to do is buy a “bump key” and “bump hammer” and get past your dead-bolt in less than a minute. This may be true, but it requires a lot of skill and forethought by your common criminal, the type of person without much skill and forethought in the first place because he has to resort to becoming a burglarizing thief in the night. And if he had these skills, he would probably use them in some sort of profession.

Reader’s Digest then provided a list of recommended high-end locks that should offer more protection from break-ins, such as Master Locks and Medeco High Security Locks.



Back in May, set up some tests to see if their super-sleuth Marc Weber Tobias could “bump” or pick one of the special Medeco locks. Sure enough, their expert was able to do so.

To be fair to Medeco, the expert used by was obviously a highly-skilled professional who had years of experience. Your common criminal or thief will have nowhere near this level of expertise and will give up rather quickly and use a window instead. Medeco has offered videos on preventing “key bumping.”

No lock can ever by 100 percent foolproof, because if a criminal wants to rob you and get your money there is not much you can do to stop him, especially if you are away from home.

High unemployment and desperate times bring out the worst in thieves and robbers so be extra vigilant about the things happening in your neighborhood and contact the authorities if you suspect anything suspicious.


If your doors are sturdy and strong there is less of a chance that an intruder will take the time to break in to your home. Make suredoors for homes that all entry doors into the main house should be made of metal or solid wood and the thickness should be at least 1.75″. Check if door frames are secure – there should be no gaps between the door and door frame.


These safety tips are not only good to provide protection for your home and children. They can also be applied to a business. Alarms are also a good way to protect your home. They may include security alarms and smoke alarms. Preparing your home or business with these tips in mind will keep your family, your home or business safe.…

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CCTV Home and Commercial Security Options

- Internet surveillance
– B&W observation
– Color CCTV systems
– Dome systems
– Wireless CCTV

Closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance is an increasing feature of our daily lives. Its deployment is commonplace in a variety of areas to which members of the public have free access.
We are all likely to be caught on camera while going about everyday lives and the images relayed back to a control room.
The average person on the street is happy knowing that their safety and well being are covered by the cameras on the street corner, shopping center or parking lots.

CCTV can only be part of an integrated approach to problems, where it can be a very effective mean of crime prevention and detection, as well as crime reduction.

CCTV is not just used for problems and the `bad` side of society. CCTV is used for many `good` things, such as reunite children and parents or grandparents that have become separated in the town center; helping visitors find their cars in parking lots; updating local radio with news about traffic flow and parking lots; assisting with emergencies or other special events, and helping with the strange occurrences that happen from time to time.

Business owners may be able to:

– Negotiate lower insurance rate.
– Record slip and fall accidents.
– Deter robbery attempts or record robberies.
– Deter employee theft of cash or product.
– Record employee work practices.
– Watch their business from a home office or remote location.

Homeowners may be able to:

– Record nanny`s daily actives.
– Watch their home from work or a remote location.
– See who is at the door from a TV in the home.
– Watch a toddler from another room.

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Security and Locks Pros

Fashionable door lock give us a sense of nostalgia and leisure. However, with some modern elements, you will experience a rich but delicate fashionable life. We are Sure that  door lock is suitable for you.

Elegant and gorgeous art is a description of noble culture.With pleasing appearance and grand looking, Retro handle lock shows you a miniature of western culture. We are sure that we can make your life more beautiful.


Retro handle lock


Remarks: GB = Gold brushed.


1. Made of zinc alloy. (copper and 304 stainless steel are available).
2. Safety lock with multi-functional, configuration precision keys, anti-plug, anti data, tamper.
3. Security and good stability.
4. Advanced production technology and precision molds.
5. Standard and strict production requirements.
6. Consummated and professional surface treatment and anti corrosion technology.


Door Closer

A door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door, in general after someone opens it, or after it was automatically opened. Our door closer could be made of plastic, zinc alloy or brass. These openable and concealed door closer help in smooth opening and closing of the door. Now they are widely catered across the domestic market in China at cost effective prices. Believe our clients can benefit a lot from our door closer.



Mortis Locks:

A mortise lock (also mortice lock in British English) is one that requires a pocket-the mortise-to be cut into the door or piece of furniture into which the lock is to be fitted. In most parts of the world, mortise locks are generally found on older buildings constructed before the advent of bored cylindrical locks, but they have recently become more common in commercial and upmarket residential construction in the whole world.

specialized in making and exporting mortise lock. There are lots of colors and styles for you to choose. You can choose the plates and handles you like and combine them together. In a word,you can find your own style of life.…

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